Augmented Reality (AR) app which provides solutions in medical field.


AR overlays digital objects to the real world so that they can coexist in the same space. In this way the user can experience virtual contents in the same way he would experience the surronding physical environemnt.

Cyclopx exploits 'Trackings' thanks to which the AR app is able to recognize physical objects in a scene.

Cloud Storage

The app is based on the use of a cloud database that has a series of advantages:

  • Excellent accessibility
  • Data security
  • Mobility
  • Back-up & recovery

Role Account System

Cyclopx has been thought to be used by different types of users and, according to their role, different features and functionalities are avalable.

Among the different specialists to whom the application is addressed there are:

  • Dosimetrists
  • Radiation Oncologists
  • Radiation Physicists
  • Radiation Therapists

Custom product solutions

We offer a completely customizable solution in both tracker and commercial app. The idea is to design trackers according to the facility style. Furthermore, the app can be tailored to fit in the greater software environment already available at the centre.

Product Request

Custom Design



In Action


Solutions description

Patient general information

Information are triggered to appear on the tablet screen when the camera meets the tracker. Information are shown in an organic way.
We offer the possibility to design windows within the app according to the software environment already installed within the center.

There are different levels of information that can be shown: the tracker works as a shortcut to a certain amount of data within the cloud database.

Patient positioning

This solution provides a tracker that works as reference point for 3D augmentation.
It is possible create in the real word a virtual phantom in a gantry-couch system, whose rotation angles can be changed by the user to experiment different positioning configurations.

Virtual Patient

The last solution has been thought for training purposes where the user can navigate through the different layers (bodies and tissues) that constitute the virtual phantom