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Beam Delivery Line Simulation for Particle Therapy

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Ion beam therapy (sometimes referred to as hadron therapy) is a form of external radiotherapy using beams of energetic protons or positive ions for cancer treatment.

The vast majority of today's particle treatments are performed using proton beams with a small fraction (10%) using carbon ion beams. Prospective studies suggested that these particles may not be optimal for all indications.

This application explores the data set of simulated outcomes of treatments performed with different light ion beams on a pediatric brain tumor case.

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Acces for browsing biological Database

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In the advanced radiotherapy based on the use of ions (protons, helium, carbon, etc.) the radiosensitivity of tissues strongly depends on the energy of these particles.

This application allows to interactively explore and visualize a radiobiological database, the Particle Irradiation Data Ensemble ( PIDE project ), containing more than 800 in-vitro experiments compiled from 75 publications, in which different cell lines were irradiated with ion beams.

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